Our Stories: Faith and Church Profiles

 --Tyler and Jessie Eckert

We believe that faith is a purposeful and ever-changing relationship with God and God’s people, a personal journey steeped in tradition and experience. When we first came to Connecting Point, Jessie and I were on a new and exciting journey together; we were newly married and wanted a place to settle down and worship as a family amongst people who embraced everyone for their differences. We found a sense of authentic acceptance and love at Connecting Point, and we want others to feel the way we felt the day we stepped into our new church home.

--Angela Michael

For me, faith has been a special gift, passed down in my family from generation to generation.  When I left home for college, my grandmother wrote a letter in which she advised me that throughout life I should "stay close to the church".  She was right.

As Christians, we are called to live in community with each other in the Body of Christ.  In an age of individualism, we are called to live together as brothers and sisters in Christ in mutual accountability and love. Christ's love is lived out in relationship to others, and the love we receive from others can be poured out in service to all of humanity. 

-- Toni Rodgers

I moved to OKC in November 2010. After settling into my apartment and starting my new job I began to focus on finding a church home. Around that time I had dinner with a former roommate from college who knew the area quite well. While we were at dinner I asked her about her church home; that is when I was introduced to Greystone Presbyterian Church. The church was quite small and was on the cusp of a new journey to become Connecting Point Presbyterian Church and launching the new church. I started attending services and quickly felt a sense of belonging. As time passed and the transition from Greystone to Connecting Point began to evolve; I too began to grow and change. I was no longer a number in a pew on Sunday mornings (as I had been in every other church growing up); I was an individual with options that mattered. I am now involved in most aspects of the churches transition and growth; from working as the Clerk of Session, Building and Land Team, and Sunday morning Worship. Connecting Point has given me the opportunity to grow in the church in ways I didn't know I could. I am excited about this journey we are on and even more excited for the future.