Serving Our Community & World

At Connecting Point, we live our faith in the world. Faith is a response to a call by Christ to community and growth, but also to impact the world for the better. Because we have faith, inaction in the face of injustice, poverty, epidemic, discrimination, disaster, violence, and more is not an option for us. Whether the issue is local or international in this modern world and by our common connection in Christ, the issue effects us all. They, whoever 'they' may be, are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Can we fix everything? No, but we can act to impact the world in the ways we can.

Service, Ecumenical, Interfaith, and Advocacy Opprotunities

Throughout the year, service and advocacy opportunities are available.

Connecting Point Cares - each month, a metro-area charity is highlighted. Congregation members donate much-needed items for these charities.

Evenings of Listening - sponsored by the Oklahoma Council of Churches, these monthly gatherings of individuals across the metro area highlight critical conversations and advocacy opportunities around important issues in the world

Day At The Legislature is an advocacy day at the state capital. Connecting Point is proud to participate in this day each year.

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